24 Hour Self Serve

8.5 + 10 pH Alkaline Purified Water

4318 – 29 Street Vernon, BC

Get your Purified Water and Ice from Canada Water Depot!

24-hour Water Refilling in Vernon

Canada’s 1st 24hr Water vending company and the ONLY water company to use a complete Food-Grade Stainless Steel process, to bring you water of the highest quality. There is NO PLASTIC in our process.

We are a mother/daughter-run business in Vernon, BC. Come in and meet Bobbi (full time), Elaine and Marilyn (part-time) and become part of our Canada Water Depot family.

At our side vending machine we also have for your convenience a retractable hose so that you can fill your bottles in your vehicle. This hose is only available during the spring, summer and partial fall (mid March to October) because of freezing issues. If you have an RV, we can provide a hose to fill up your water tank during our operating hours.

We are also the 1st water company in North America to bring Alkaline/Ionized water to our customers.

Benefits of Alkaline/Ionized Water:

What could be more basic to your health than the water you drink?

  • Loads of Antioxidants
  • Superior Hydration
  • More Oxygen
  • Improve your pH balance

This is very beneficial to those who do not have an alkaline diet. It is a proven scientific fact the virus, bacteria and disease live in acid, so if your body is alkaline those things cannot live in it.

We now have Alkaline/Ionized water available 24hrs. at one of our vending machines, or come inside – the choice is yours!

Canada Water Depot Corp - A premium water company

Bottle Rinsing and Sanitizing ($0.50)

We Sell Bags of Ice (Purified Water) ($3.00)

Canada Water Depot Corp - A premium water company

At Canada Water Depot we believe in giving our customers a choice.

Our showroom carries bottles from 500ml to 18.9 L. We also carry:

  • Life Factory glass 4 & 9 oz baby bottles with replacement parts
  • Distilled Water
  • a variety of 22 oz individual glass bottles
  • Hot beverage glass mugs along with glass straws
  • 3 & 5 BPA-free gallon bottles with spouts
  • Ceramic crocks and stands
  • cradles and valves
  • hand and battery operated pumps
  • bottle covers
  • small pet watering systems
  • CQ-1000 Rain shower for removing Chlorine from your shower (leaves your skin and hair amazing!)

Our motto is “We Care About Your Health”! With that being said we also carry Organic Match Ninja Green Tea, Berry Plus Eco Laundry Soap, Yoli Health products, and Ph water alkaline products for alkaline water on the go!

And Not to mention Organic Coconut Oils. Did you know that Coconut Oil has medium-chain fatty acids that our body needs to fight off infection? Not only does it kill parasites, it is also a healing property for fungal and yeast infections. The medium-chain fatty acids are quickly absorbed by the tissues and convert into energy. Come in store and see us to learn 150 uses for Coconut Oil today.